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WELCOME! I hope you find something here that is of interest to you. I am a pretty opinionated old (choose your 4-letter blasphemy) and you will probably be irritated by some of my opinions, especially those that go against the grain of 'political correctness.' If so, you have the option to comment - preferably in reasonably polite, intelligible prose.

You will also find some samples of my fiction. You are most welcome to read it and I would definitely appreciate critique of you're willing to provide it.

Neil Tarey

The Fiction Section

The Fiction section will occasionally contain one or two of my stories that I have posted for free online reading by all who wish to do so. They ARE copyright protected and I am ornery enough to go after you if you violate that trust. Be warned!

I post Draft Reader copies of new fiction in the Fiction section, to be read by my wonderful Beta Readers. They can then let me know what a dumb (censored) I am because, once again, I screwed up something. They are the ones who make my stuff reasonably readable for the rest of you and I am so thankful for their volunteer efforts. If you like to read fiction you are welcome to become one of this select group.

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Commentary, Opinion and Diatribes

In the Comment, Opinion and Diatribes section you will find my blogs about political, business and social matters. As I mention in that section, I am about as independent politically as is possible; My thoughts and beliefs range from right of Attila the Hun to so far left that Ms. Pelosi would seem conservative. There is even a web form that allows you to respond to my ideas (preferably in reasonably polite language).

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Religion and Belief (they are not synonymous)

The Religion and Belief section discusses various 'religious' concepts and my personal view on Religious Organizations as Political entities. These views may be irritating to those who take their dogma unwatered by questioning (see James, 1:5). I believe in a 'Supreme Being' by whatever name you wish to call him. I do not believe that any of the organized religions have the right to demand I believe as they do.
Even in the matter of religion, I tend to be a cantankerous old curmudgeon.

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About the Old Curmudgeon

People who know me seem to think I have had an interesting life. Perhaps I have. At the very least, I have been on the receiving end of that old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." I did, and have scars to prove it.

The Japanese bombed Hawaii just three weeks before my second birthday, so the recruiters refused to recruit me into that one. They did get me three months after my 17th birthday and thus began a life quite different from the norm.

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